NeuroLab is a set of interactive demonstrations to do with how the brain works that is distributed free with my book Neurophysiology (3rd edition, 1996; Arnold, London).

The system runs under Windows 3.1 or 95. It is not self-explanatory! (Buy the book). But it is fun.

If you want to download the latest version of NeuroLab, which has been updated to deal in particular with a problem with sound cards experienced by one or two users of Win95, click on the appropriate link below: 16-bit for the 16-bit version of NeuroLab plus Terminol, the terminology demonstrator; NeuroLab32 and Terminol32 for the updated and improved 32-bit versions.

A word of warning, however. The previous version was written in Visual Basic 2.0, whereas the new one is in VB4.0 (16-bit) or VB5.0 (32-bit). As a result of Microsoft's 'improvements' the 16-bit .EXE file is now greatly increased in size, and requires a set of extra .DLL and .OCX files that are also ridiculously enormous. In the case of the 32-bit version this is even more true.

After downloading the 16-bit version, you will possess a file called NEUROLAB.ZIP. Unzip it using standard software, and it will generate NEUROLAB.EXE, which should then be moved into your existing NeuroLab directory, writing over the old one (you've still got the original floppy if anything goes wrong). It will also generate VB40016.DLL, OC25.DLL, THREED16.OCX, PICCLP16.OCX and SPIN16.OCX, all of which should be moved into your /WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory.

After downloading the 32-bit version you will have a .ZIP file which you should unzip into a temporary folder, and then install either by running its SETUP.EXE or using 'Add/remove programs' in Control Panel.

Email me if you have problems.

Download 16-bit version

Download NeuroLab32

Download Terminol32

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